At their headquarters in Newbury, UK, Vodafone received the UK’s irst holographic phone call from their Manchester ofices. This on-stage spectacle was part of the telecom company’s Future Ready Conference, where a whole host of technological innovations were on display.

The call was made to showcase the future possibilities of 5G and its speedy and hefty data connection. Currently, 4G download speeds reach around 50 megabits per second, whereas 5G promises speeds 100-times faster.

This, alongside a reduced latency of 5G, is what enabled England and Manchester City captain Steph Houghton MBE to beam in from Manchester during the demonstration.

Calling one another through VR headsets could become the future of phone calls thanks to 5G. Vodafone currently has seven urban sites ready to transmit 5G and plans to open 1,000 sites across the UK by 2020.

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